The Topolski Century

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The Topolski Century
1975-1989, Feliks Topolski
Hungerford Arches

The Topolski Century, housed unpromisingly in a railway arch on London's South Bank, is the city's only permanent exhibition devoted to a single artwork. Vibrant and violent, this expressionist collage chronicling the glories and horrors of the twentieth century displays all the decadence and cruelty of a canvas by Dix. Part maze, part stageset, pure art, it gains added drama from the trains rolling towards Charing Cross Station overhead. Every visitor to the National Theatre or Royal Festival Hall should allow time to experience Feliks Topolski's unique vision.

Michael Arditti

Michael Arditti is an award-winning novelist, short-story writer, and critic. His novels include Easter, A Sea Change, and The Enemy of the Good.

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