Cruise from Little Venice to Camden Market

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Cruise from Little Venice to Camden Market
Little Venice to Camden Town by barge, along the Grand Union Canal (seasonal)

To journey by the canal is to see a place from an entirely different perspective, and this short trip, about twenty minutes, is no exception. It starts in Little Venice, with its respectable, fashionable villas and houseboats; dives into a tunnel; comes up briefly for air in an estate of low-cost housing; then goes back under a bridge, and immediately you are among millionaires' mansions on the edge of Regent's Park. Beyond them is the tranquillity of the park in a deep cutting with overhanging trees. The canal bisects the London Zoo; we saw gazelles and heard the squawk of tropical birds. Just after the Zoo, the barge takes a sharp left turn by a floating Chinese restaurant before arriving in Camden.
      The barge drops you right at the centre of the Camden market. The day we went, there was a cloudless sky with bright sharp sunlight, so that the arrival at the crowded market, with is bright colours and exotic smells, owed more to a Conrad arrival at some riverside town on the Congo than to a North London market.

Charles Marsden-Smedley
Charles Marsden-Smedley's design practice specialises in museum and exhibition design.

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