Michael Cunningham recommends Three Lives & Co.

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Michael Cunningham's (Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours) description of Three Lives & Co. mirrors my dream of the quintessential bookstore. Here's his essay from City Secrets New York:

Three Lives & Co.

Three Lives & Co. is one of the great small bookstores in the world. It is staffed by avid, eccentric readers, any one of whom, if asked, will recommend books on any subject. They are often books of which you have never heard; they are always revelations. Three Lives stocks a catholic selection of new books and a smattering of old ones, but trying to describe it in terms of its stock and even its remarkable staff is a little like trying to describe a face by offering the precise locations of the mouth, nose, and eyes. Three Lives is magical, utterly mysterious; it is enormously hospitable; it shines. I go there not only to buy books but sometimes simply to be reminded of why one writes books. I once asked the former owners if I could someday be buried there, under the floorboards in the southwest corner, but they told me they weren't zoned for that.

Michael Cunningham

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